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Land Synthesis Device

This device is your ticket to land in the New Pangea metaverse. Our unique approach ensures fairness and caters to players of all types.

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Notorious Frogs

The Notorious Frogs of Frogland are a hand-drawn series of 10,000 generative NFTs, with each frog being entitled to a LillyPAD, or Personal Access Domain, with Frogland, the central most founding district of the metaverse.

These gangster noir amphibians were immortal - but cursed by a plague. Trapped on Earth and enslaved by lethargy, the frogs were condemned to languish in endless monotony…until they discovered a dead alien in the woods. Intrigued by the alien's mysterious curved device, they gazed into the goggles and were sucked into the metaverse. Freed of their curse, the frogs let loose... partying until all hours, imbibing all in reach, and pushing every debaucherous experience to the edge.

The Notorious Frogs

Everyone's a character

The Frogs are 10,000 citizens of the NewPangea metaverse. They live. They scheme. They revel. They aspire. They are Notorious.


Escape To The Metaverse

Frogland is the founding District of NewPangea. Each Notorious Frog comes with a claim to a PAD in Frogland, its own Personal Access Domain.

The culture of collaboration is woven into this metaverse’s evolutionary process, with the Notorious Frog HODLers being consulted on the design with a world class indie game-dev studio.

Select Partner NFT Collections — the Gutter Cats and Wicked Craniums being the first — are working with the game-dev studio to incorporate their design aesthetics into their own Community Centers and District.

Land sales in those Districts will then begin, and will be available to the general public, however members of those partnered clubs will have certain privileges.


Production with a Purpose

The founders of Good Ribbit Productions have always seen the concept and the technologies that comprise Web3 as a pivotal moment in history, one where the users of technology become the beneficiary of social change — not simply the consumers for a centralized system based on one-way financial flow and extraction of personal data. This newer world has to be built to guarantee original attribution, enable a system of tokenized royalties, and allow contributory or derivative work to propagate in other manifestations envisioned by those who want to use it as a component in their own creations.

Working in the open and with our community, we've committed ourselves to a path centered around co-creation, around elevating and empowering artists, builders, and creators. The gardens of opportunity should not live behind walls of privilege and affluence, but open to all who chase a dream down the path of inspiration. As a Web3 production company, entertainment and engagement must be built around the idea that the audience is not just a consumer, not just a spectator who paid for a ticket, but an active participant who needs to be a beneficiary of the world they support and help form. The strange truth of it all is that we are all together in this, and that we are all resources to build a world worth waiting for.

welcome in frog language
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