Newspaper Without A Government?

Sounds Like the FBI Toads Finally Learned How to Read

Absolutely unbiased and not at all sensationalist reporter Froggy Fresh headlines Frogland's #1 news source, The Daily Splat, with partner-in-slander Hedda Hoppa dripping scalding hot tea in every issue. One may think that this style of jazz journalism is reporting on purely in game hoppenings, but the discerning reader may spot more than a few IRL rumblings - if they can catch which side of their mouths these two newshawks are croaking from.

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Armed? Armed With What?

Err, boozy breath, loaded dice, a jazz band...

A sophisticated gentlefrogs club with tokenized access, this high rollers speakeasy has nothing to hide. Playing only the smoothest jazz that nearly covers the occasional gunshot (Russian Roulette with blanks, surely), the Double Barrel proves that The Bottom of the Barrel is merely a colloquial phrase and definitely not a basement secret.

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Together We Fight to Save Reality

The beginning of a fantasy novel, 'The Utterly Fascinating and Sometimes Unbelievable Tale of Fluffi Elliot and the Metaverse' stitches together seven different NFT projects and three real human characters. By creating the lore and telling the story of The Metaverse, this compelling story weaves fantasy and truth together in a way that is evocative of the melding of the digital and physical worlds.

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Horns & Halos

Takes a Devil to make an Angel

Eager to dive into debauchery? The ladies of Horny Toadz are made of spice, vice, and everything twice - putting the fatal in 'femme fatale'. Play by the rules and you'll dance with the devil for a night you'll never forget. Break them, and Horny's Angels will show how Lucifer's fall was more of a trip.

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Get Naked

Unless You're Just Visiting - Don't Make it Weird

The Naked Frogs honor their ancestors with their nudity, living true to their nature prior to the alien abduction, sending some down the path of debaucherous notoriety. As keepers of the knowledge of the ancient Earth frogs, they preserve the old ways in The Book of the Naked Frog while offering sanity and a retreat from the new world order in the luscious Hot Springs.

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An Eye For An Eye...

Didn't Work Out So Well For the Pond of Assassains

The Nazar Frogs were devoted to playing the game that would build the game. They wanted to help the world develop into something fantastically entertaining. Their mark on the world would be made by planting seeds. Ideas can spread - they aren’t limited to one person, and when you can give an idea life then allow it to be touched by others...beautiful things are created.

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Birds of a Feather Frog Together

The Eyes Follow You, Don't They?

To understand a Peacocky Blinder is to understand two things above all others. What a peacock feather represents, and the power such a symbol poses in NewPangea. Both derive from the ascension of Toadmas Shillby, exemplifying the lowly, hopeless and exploited poor within us to be unstoppable, revered, sometimes cheered…and unmistakably notorious.

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The Music Matters

The sound of the new economy

Sapo Studios presents Scratch Track Saturdays, a show where they bring on new talent, rising stars, and established musicians. Sapo Studios explores their guests' style, history, and creative process, cumulating with the co-creation of music LIVE. Their process, creations and soundscapes are forging a new way for the music industry. Sapo Studios is comprised of the founding members of the HipHOP Anonymous Gang: Bingus Frog, A$AP Froggy, and Doc Froggleday.

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Seeds of Change

Gamifying Positive Social Impact

A crazy set of characters known as the Seed Trees have muscled their way into Frogland's folklore and will be available to those who wish to contribute. Every time a user plays and interacts within the metaverse either positive or negative deeds, a real life outcome will always be the same - positive environmental impact and negative carbon helping to plant trees!

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Unkown Magiks

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Whether the Frogs' consciousness is blessing or burden is immaterial. We were never offered a choice, nor the mechanisms to make it - what's done is done. A wise frog said 'There are things kown and there are things unkown, and in between are the doors of perception.' We of the Magik Guild wish to make the Unkown kown and cross thresholds into a higher state.

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Patterns Within Patterns

The Truth is Out There

The puzzle solvers, nibbler hackers, eye watchers, bot benders, the believers and skeptics, the Webbed Files are here to challenge everything we know about the unexplained, the mysterious, and the aliens who brought us here. How deep does the ribbit hole go? Only one way to find out.

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Famously Addictive

Y'all Got Any Of Those Sugar Tacos?

Webbed Pete is a legend. He founded the Webbed Pete Gang that runs the taco truck, then disappeared. Some say he is hiding in prison, others that he infiltrated the Frogland government and is helping the gang from the inside. Some say that the secret ingredient is the "sugar" "imported" "legally" from across the border...and those people seem to have a very persistent cold.

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