The Characters: Notorious Frogs

Heroic and Flawed

I have an eye for detail,

And an awareness of trouble.

I drink too much. I smoke a lot.

I've been told my sense of humor has a grating undertone of contempt.

My clothes are clean.

My conscience is not.

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The Stage: A Quirky World

Beautiful and Dangerous

Between darkness and light live the Notorious Frogs.

A world shaped by beautiful curves and dangerous lines.

A place where the lost can be found, and the unseen reveals itself.

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The Way: Land Synthesis Device

A Portal to The Metaverse

What is this strange device?

It's an quantum-entangling transport device Alien tech hacked into handful of dice that issues the deed to the land that you own and what lies beneath and what can be grown.

Whether you call your slice of Frog paradise: The Land of the Loose or the Land of the Nice. The land will be yours during rain, heat or ice.

The journey from home needs a PAD of your own.

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The Story: Strange Gifts

You're not alone

As the moons dim the light and vibrations from the past echo through the land

As the Collosi who guard the Citadels watch intently the inhabites of this world

As salamanders slide toward power hidden by rocks and corrupt officials

As the Syndicates seek fortune and fame, or respite from gray

10,000 Frogs stare at the skies looking for clues to gods and motherships.

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welcome in frog language
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